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Xi'An and humans have shared tumultuous relationships over the ages. The Xi'ans have always considered humanity as blind and impetuous, but they also knew its destructive capacity and so they acted with caution. While their technology may seem superior to humans (it seems anyway more comfortable), this impression is simply due to its foreign character. In fact, the two civilizations are relatively equivalent from this point of view and their aptitude for mutual annihilation is probably what has avoided any attempt of aggression in each camp. At the height of the tensions opposing the UEE to the Empire Xi'An, a line of systems served as a no-man's land zone between the two factions. These systems, Tohil, Oya, Gurzil, Horus, Pallas, Hadur, Indra and Virtus, are known as the Perry Line. With the peace treaty signed in 2789, the Perry Line was split: Tohil, Oya, Gurzil and Horus were annexed by the UEE while the Xi'ans appropriated Pallas, Hadur, Indra and Virtus.

The relations between Xi'ans and humans have subsided over the centuries, but it would be difficult to call them friendly without a slight hint of sarcasm. "Under surveillance" would be a more appropriate expression: humanity hopes that the Xi'ans are not preparing to destroy it, but it is ready for this eventuality.

Politics and society
Social landscape

Diplomatic, the Xi'An are patient and refined, but they are also quite capable of waging a war when the situation requires it. To understand their mentality, one must keep in mind that a Xi'an lives for centuries. To start, therefore, overcrowding is a matter of concern for their government, which wants to control and regulate demographics. On the other hand, individuals of this species have a placid behavior that can often be interpreted as reserve or apathy, while their long life makes them act with decades in mind and not just years. .

In the eyes of humans, Xi'ans culture appears rigid and amorphous. The Xi'ans present themselves as polite but neutral, especially to those they meet for the first time. It is a social mechanism prowled at home: when approaching a person, they consider it without a priori and let it engage first to see how the interaction can progress. Then, when they feel comfortable with it, they give up this mask of neutrality to adopt a more personal behavior. With humans, the process is a little longer because many still remember the Messer era. In their relations with the outside world, and particularly in the event of litigation, the xianans apply a very chauvinistic logic: they will not hesitate to privilege a congener against a stranger, unless there is irrefutable proof that is submitted in support of the allegation or accusation of the latter.

It is not uncommon to see Xi'An in the UEE area, and we can even classify them into three categories: visiting dignitaries and businessmen, young people who reject the culture of their society and expatriates. These last two categories probably feel that the way of life of their species is too stuffy and they have welcomed the puerile emotions of humans as a breath of fresh air. Some have followed the arduous process of becoming citizens while others enjoy life without the civic responsibilities of ordinary civilians.




Note For more information, visit: Xi'an Language

The Xi'an language, or uo'aXy'an, or Xi'an Romanized Standard is a tonal language whose sounds of vowels and consonants will be familiar to many humans. Those who already have knowledge of other tonal languages ​​will find it easier to master the uo'aXy'an than others. However, any spoken language can be mastered by those who are willing to make efforts to learn.




There is no official religion for this species. There are very diverse and fragmented belief systems, but they tend to offer a moral line or promote a kind of universal spirituality rather than the worship of a specific deity. The most important is nevertheless Li'tova whose spiritual center is located in the Kayfa system on the planet Tovaroh. It is also the religion of the emperor.

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