The Vanduul is a conscious nomadic species living mostly in clans or hordes while crisscrossing the space.


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The first contact between humanity and the Vanduul species took place in 2681 and ended with the annihilation of a colony in the Orion system. Since the relations between the two species have not really evolved.

All the interactions of the United Kingdom of the Earth with the Vanduul resulted in fighting. After the end of the Messer era, the new Imperator tried to stop the violence and open diplomatic relations with the Vanduul. But the exploded structure of their civilization renders all diplomacy with the whole of the species impossible, especially since all the clans met showed a frank hostility, the plenipotentiary representatives being systematically welcomed with shots of lasers.

In the end, humanity still do not know why the Vanduul hate them and that it is very easy to see why the UEE portrays them as barbarians.

 World of origin

Their story is very vague, and there is no information on their origins: if the Vanduul have a mother planet, it is unknown.

Controlled worlds


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