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The Tevarin (TEV-are-inn) is the first alien species that humanity has faced twice. The First War allowed the emergence of Ivar Messer. While the Second World War was a desperate attempt by the Tevarin to take revenge.

2541 to 2545: The war of 4 years

The UPE made contact for the first time with this civilization in 2541. Although Tevarin technology was not as advanced as that of humanity, the Tevarin began to spread in the universe. A martial and proud society, the Tevarin desired the possessions of humanity and attacked the first. Although the conflicts never threatened the Earth or Terra, what the Tevarin lacked from a technological point of view was amply compensated by their strategic genius and endurance, which resulted in the war lasting for more than four years. .

October 1, 2544: The Battle of Idris IV

The turning point of the conflict was the famous battle of Idris IV which revealed to the population of the UPE a young officer: Ivar Messer. The Tevarin war had been raging for over a year. Although the Union of Earth Planets had managed to snatch some decisive victories, the Tevarin progressed relentlessly; they were gaining ground in the Centauri system and had pushed UPE forces back to the Ferron system. The Tevarin launched a devastating strike against the fleet in orbit above Idris IV.

Listening to the reports of the ships, the troops of the 112th regiment understood that they would soon find themselves alone. Their mechanized escort had already lost fifty percent of its original strength. The young and ambitious Captain Ivar Messer then took command of the company Major Michael Colorry of the Charlie Company of the 112th Battalion, having been killed by a sniper. The group took a Tevarin skiff shot down and slipped between the enemy lines. The infiltration team, led by Sergeant Adam Corr, managed not only to locate the control center of the planetary defense system but even seized it. They turned the devastating weapon against the Tevarin fleet regrouping just long enough to allow UPE Navy reinforcements to enter the system. Tevarin forces began to retreat. The arrival of the reinforcements returned the offensive.
After the defeat of the Tevarin, the UPE terraforma Tevarin systems for their human colonization. The Tevarin survivors were absorbed by the PSU or fled to the Banu or Xi'An systems.

2603 to 2610: The 7 year war

In 2603, a new Tevarin warlord, Corath'Thal emerged from the confines of the cosmos with a reconstituted war fleet and launched his first attack on the UPE systems. Their sole purpose was to regain possession of Elysium IV, their former homeworld. Although their cause was understandable and could be supported by some humans, it was out of the question for the PSU to give up any territory. The war lasted seven years and had repercussions almost everywhere on the territory of the UPE.

August 2, 2610: The Battle of Centauri

On August 2, 2610, Corath'Thal suffered a terrible loss to Squadron 42 at the Battle of Centauri. Its fleet dedicated to destruction or capitulation, Corath'Thal gathered his last loyal pilots to launch a desperate attack to join Elysium IV. Although they suffered about 70% more losses, his fleet finally managed to reach the atmosphere of their former home world. Corath'Thal and his pilots deactivated their heat shields and flung themselves to the surface of the planet.

World of Origin

Originally Kaleeth (ecosystem destroyed by terraformation and colonized by humans then renamed Elysium IV), and much later Jalan.

Political System

The Tevarin were halfway between a feudal society and an oligarchy. The army directed absolutely everything. The only way a Tevarin could improve his condition was to distinguish himself in combat. That being said, those who were not part of the army were not ignored; since everyone contributed to the system, everyone was important. Some fought while others cultivated the land. The highest title was that of warlord. It seems a lot more aggressive than it really is. The Tevarin were not a bloodthirsty race. They simply honored the art of war.


There is no civilization or official Tevarin government, since the race has been vanquished and gradually assimilated by the UEE. Some handpicked Tevarin have been granted citizenship in order to show the tolerance of the UEE but the total number of Tevarin citizens does not consist of more than three (or even two) numbers.


Although the Second Tevarin War ended in 2610, to this day there is still a feeling almost to the whole of the culture vis-à-vis the military forces of the UEE and the number of volunteers in the The UEE army is therefore very weak.

The majority of Tevarin in the army come from the judicial system of the UEE. Some Tevarin criminals are offered a choice: serve a sentence or make a number of deployments in a squad on the front line as cannon fodder where Tevarin and human detainees are usually grouped together. It is possible for a Tevarin who is part of one of these squads to be promoted and to join one of the more "legitimate" branches of the UEE military forces, even if it is rare.



Most Tevarin feel a deep sadness and anger; the melancholy feeling that their species is on the decline. After the loss of their home planet, many Tevarin channeled their aggressive nature into addictions and violence. Tevarin mercenaries are known for their cruelty and lack of fear. Disappeared are the spiritual warriors bound by the honor of yesteryear; the killers are all that remains.

The lambda Tevarin has little joy lately. When interacting with them, most humans find them laconic and cynical.



Originally, the Tevarin followed the precepts of the Rijora (Phon REE-jorr-ah), a warrior code similar to bushido on the old Earth. The Tevarin believed above all in honor, allegiance and duty. Breaking their strict code meant excommunication and even execution in extreme cases.

After their defeat in the first war and the loss of their home world, the code began to lose popularity. The Second Tevarin War was an attempt to regain the former glory of the Tevarin. When it ended in a terrible failure, the last believers of the Rijora hurled themselves at Kaleeth and consumed themselves in the atmosphere before crashing on the planet. The last survivors then gave up these beliefs for good. This climax was known among the Tevarin as "The Purge", during which most Tevarin destroyed their Manuscripts (the sacred precepts of the Rijora).


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