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Species: Human
Created in 2610


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Space combat management

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Kilian system, MacArthur

UEE Navy (UEEN) is the largest branch and the public image of the UEE military forces. The Navy is responsible for the delivery of military resources, border surveillance and the direction of military operations throughout the UEE territory. The members of the Navy are deployed practically in every system of the empire.



During the first days of space colonization by humanity, the Navy served as a police force patrolling between systems in search of vessels in distress. But in the first meeting with the Banu Protectorate, the UNE government realized the importance of a military presence in space and the fleet began to grow, becoming the most obvious visual representation of the military power of humanity. It was therefore to allow the Navy to devote itself entirely to the defense of the citizens against external threats that the role of law and order was finally withdrawn in 2523 to be entrusted to the Advocacy. Enchanted by a never-ending stream of stories and videos featuring daring pilots, the Navy experienced an influx of recruits ready to make a constant commitment that even the announcement of the first Tevarin War could not dry up. Subsequently, like the rest of the UEE's military forces, it enjoyed exponential growth, actively supported by the successive Imperators, to help conquer new systems and planets. Today, most of the UEE's military forces and their showcase in the eyes of the public remains the Navy.
 Logistics Organization:

The structure of the UEE Navy is formed around squadrons assigned to a carrier and a variable number of support ships. An admiral is in charge of the ship-carrier and directs the squadrons while the commanders of squadrons have under their orders the different wings of the fleet which are constantly in operation.

The recruits are doing their classes in the shadow of the large shipyards in the academies and training camps on MacArthur in the Killian system.

Hierarchical Structure:

The Navy responds to the orders of the High General and the Imperator. Beyond this subordination, the hierarchy of officers breaks down as follows, in descending order of importance:

High Commander Legatus Navium (translated approximately by "Legate of the Navy")

Grand Admiral / Great Stellar Marshal
Against Admiral
Captain of the ship
Commander of the frigate
Lieutenant Commander
Second lieutenant
First master
Stellar first class


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