Imperial Constitution of the United Empire of Earth


Preamble Article 1

Legislative power Article II

Executive authority Article III

Judiciary Article IV

Relations of the Planets with each other and with the Union Article V

Amendments Article VI - Miscellaneous provisions Article VII

Ratification of the Constitution




We, the human people, in order to form a more perfect union, to establish justice, to ensure internal peace, to provide for the common defense, to develop general prosperity and to ensure the benefits of freedom to ourselves and our posterity, we ordain and establish the present Imperial Constitution for the United Empire Earth.



Article One


Section 1.

All the legislative powers granted by this Imperial Constitution will be attributed to the United Empire Earth Government, which will consist of a Senate, a Tribunt and the Imperator.



Section 2.

1. The senate will be composed of members chosen every six years by the citizens of the different planets, in each solar system, the electors will have to fulfill the requirements to be elector of the most numerous Senate of the legislature of this planet.


2. No one shall be a representative if he has not attained the age of twenty-one if he has not been a citizen of United Empire Earth for ten years and if he does not reside at the time of the election, in the solar system where he is to be elected.


3. The census will be conducted within five years of the first meeting of the United Empire Earth Senate, and every ten years thereafter, in a manner to be determined by law. The number of senators will not exceed one for two hundred thousand inhabitants, but each Planet will have at least one senator, this planet will have to respect the Prosperity Act and it will have to be recognized by Imperator. Until the census is done, the planet will be entitled to one senator under the terms of the Prosperity Act, Terra to two, Selene to a senator, Aremis to a senator, Keene to a senator, Locke to a senator, Cassel to a senator, Asura to a senator, Jalan to a senator, Vosca to a senator, Green to two senators, Kampos to a senator, Noble to a senator, Cestulus to a senator, Angeli two senators, Vann to two senators, Saisei to a senator, Lorona to a senator.


4. When vacations occur in the representation of a Planet, the executive power of this Planet will make elections to provide for it.


5. The Senate will choose its High Secretary and the other members of its office, and it alone will have the power of impeachment before the High Secretary.


Section 3.

1. The United Empire Earth Senate will be composed of Senators for each planet in accordance with the United Empire Earth Prosperity Act and each Senator will have one vote.

2. As soon as they are assembled after the first election, the senators shall be divided as evenly as possible into three groups. The seats of the Senators in the first group shall be declared vacant at the end of the third year, those in the second group at the end of the fifth year and those in the sixth group at the end of the seventh year, so that one third of senators can be renewed every six years.

3. No one shall be a senator if he has not reached the age of thirty, if he has not been a citizen of the United Empire Earth for nine years and if he does not reside at the time of the election, in the solar system or planet for which he is elected.


4. The United Empire Earth's High Secretary will be the second Speaker of the Senate, but will not have the right to vote, unless there is equal division of votes in the Senate.

5. The Senate will select the other members of its office, as well as a Senate Speaker pro tempore, to replace the Senate Speaker in case of absence, or when the latter is called upon to exercise the imperial office.

6. The Senate alone shall have the power to try persons indicted by the High Secretary. When seated, senators will take an oath or make a solemn declaration. In case of judgment of the Tribunt according to the United Empire Earth, the High Secretary of the Empire. No one may be convicted except by a majority vote of the members of the Senate and Tribunt.

7. Sentences pronounced in case of impeachment Imperial can not exceed the dismissal and the prohibition to occupy any position of trust or to exercise any honorific function or remunerated by United Empire Earth, but the sentenced party will nevertheless be responsible and subject to accusation, trial, judgment and sentence under common law.

Section 4.

1. The time, place and procedure for the election of Senators and Representatives shall be determined on each planet by the United Empire Earth Legislature, but the Tribunt may, at any time, determine or amend by statute election rules, with the exception of the location of Senators elections.

2. The Senate shall meet at least once a year, unless, by law, it fixes a different day.



Section 5.

1. The Senate will be judged by the members of the Court, the majority, the majority, will be necessary for the deliberations to be valid and may be authorized to be present in the Chamber may decide.

2. The Senate may establish its by-law, take sanctions against its members for the conduct of an order of two or more.

3. The Senate shall keep a record of its proceedings and publish it periodically, with the exception of the parties that one of the members present, recorded on the minutes.

4. The Senate may, during a session of the Tribunate, adjourn for more than three days, or move to a place other than where the two Houses sit.

Section 6.

1. Senators and representatives shall receive an indemnity to be fixed by law and paid by the United Empire Earth Base Bank. In no case other than those of treason, crime or attack to the public peace, they can not be stopped during the sessions of their room, nor when they will go to a session of this room or will come back, they can not be worried in no place for their speeches or opinions issued in any of the chambers.

2. No senator or representative may, during the period for which he has been elected, be appointed to a civilian office under the authority of the United Empire Earth, which has been established or whose salary has been increased during that period. period, no person occupying a position under the authority of the United Empire Earth will be able to become a member of the Senate and the Tribunt as long as it performs this function.



Section 7.

1. Any bill involving the raising of taxes will emanate from the Senate, but the High Secretary may propose or make amendments to it as to other bills.

2. Any bill passed by the Senate and the Tribunt shall, before becoming law, be submitted to the Speaker of the Senate of the United Empire Earth. If he approves of it, he will sign it, otherwise he will return it, with his objections, to the Tribunt from which he emanates, which will insert the objections in extenso on his minutes and proceed to a new examination of the project. If, after this re-examination, the bill brings together in its favor the votes of the Tribunt the members of the Senate, it will be transmitted, with the objections which accompanied it, the Tribunt, which will examine it also with the Senate, and if two-thirds of the Senate approves it, it will have the force of law. In such a case, the votes of the Tribunt will be acquired by yes and no, and the names of the members voting for and against the project will be recorded in the minutes of each senate chamber respectively. Any project not returned by the United Empire Earth Senate Speaker within ten days will follow its presentation, become law as if the United Empire Earth Senate Speaker had signed it, unless the High Secretary has, by its postponement, rendered the return impossible, in which case the project will not acquire the force of law.

3. Any order, resolution or vote, for the adoption of which the agreement of the Senate and the High Secretary may be necessary (except for adjournment), shall be submitted to the Imperial Imperator of the United Empire Earth, and, before becoming enforceable, approved by it, or, in the event of a disagreement on its part, re-enacted by two-thirds of the Senate and a majority of the Tribunt, in accordance with the rules and under the reservations prescribed for the law projects.


Section 8.

The Tribunt will have the power:

- To raise and collect taxes, duties, taxes and excise, to pay debts and provide for the common defense and general prosperity of the United Empire Earth, but such duties, taxes and excise shall be uniform throughout the extent of the United Empire Earth.
- To borrow money on the credit of the United Empire Earth.
To regulate trade with the foreign empire, between the various planets, and with the Indian tribes.
- To establish a uniform rule of naturalization and uniform laws applicable throughout the United Empire Earth.
To coin money, to determine its value and that of the foreign currency, and to the standard of the weights and measures.
- To ensure the suppression of the counterfeit effects and the currency in the United Empire Earth.
- Establish offices and post routes.
- To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by ensuring, for a limited time, authors and inventors the exclusive right to their writings and their respective discoveries.
- To set up tribunals subordinated to the Advocacy.
- To define and punish the acts of piracy and the crimes committed and the infringements of the law of the planets Uni and the Empire.
- Proposes to the Imperator to carry out a campaign of war, to grant letters of mark and resumes, and to establish regulations concerning catches on land and in space.
- To raise and maintain armies, provided that no appropriation for this purpose extends to more than three months.
- To create and maintain a military force of war under the Imperator's agreement.
- To establish regulations and the discipline of the imperator.
- To provide for the mobilization of the United States, to suppress the insurrections and the imperatorial imperator.
- To provide for the organization, arming and discipline of the militia, and for the command of such members of the United States would be employed in the service of the United Empire Earth, reserving to the Planets respectively the appointment of the officers and the necessary authority The High Advocacy and the Imperator.
- to the exclusive right of legislation, in any matter, on such solar system or planet which, by special planetary cession and upon acceptance of the Senate, will become the headquarters of the United Empire Earth Government and to exercise such authority on any place with the consent of the legislature of the planets in which it is situated, for the erection of forts, depots, arsenals, spaceships and other necessary constructions.
- And to make it all the laws that would be necessary and proper to carry out the powers of the United States and the United States of America.

Section 9.

1. The privilege of the habeas corpus ordinance shall not be suspended except in cases of rebellion or invasion, if public safety so requires.

2. No bill of attainder or retroactive law will be promulgated.

3. No taxes or duties shall be levied on articles exported from any State.

4. No preference will be given by a commercial or fiscal regulation to the ports of one planet, solar system over those of another and no ship to or from other known world will be subject to formalities or rights entry, exit or customs in another.

5. No money will be withdrawn from the United Empire Earth Base Bank except under statutory appropriations, a statement and a regular account of all moneys receipts and expenditures. public will be published periodically.

6 No title of nobility will be conferred by the United Empire Earth, and no person who will hold them a paid office or trust can, without the consent of the Senate, accept any presents, emoluments, charges or titles of any kind whatsoever. a king, a prince or a foreign state.


Section 10.

1. No planet may be party to a treaty or alliance or confederation, grant letters of marque and retaliation, mint money, issue paper money, give legal tender, for the payment of debts, to anything other than the UEC currency, promulgate no law condemning without judgment, no retroactive law or which would undermine the obligations resulting from contracts, nor confer titles of nobility.

2. No Planet may, without the consent of the Imperator, levy taxes or duties on imports or exports other than those absolutely necessary for the performance of its inspection laws, and the net revenue of all rights or taxes levied by a planet on imports or exports shall be allocated to the use of the United Empire Earth Base Bank and all such laws shall be subject to review or control by the Tribunt and the United States. 'Imperator.

3. No Planet may, without the consent of the High Secretary or the Imperator, raise tonnage dues, maintain troops or warships in time of peace, enter into agreements or pacts with another State or foreign power, or enter the war, unless it is actually invaded or in danger too imminent to allow any delay.


Article II

Section 1.

1. The executive power will be entrusted to the Imperator of the United Empire Earth. He will remain in office for a period of ten years and will be, as well as the members of the Tribunt of the United Empire Earth chosen for the same duration, elected as follows:

2. Each Planet shall appoint, in the manner prescribed by its Legislature, a number of electors equal to the total number of Senators and to which it is entitled in the Senate, but no Senator or members of the Tribunt, nor any person holding United Empire Earth, a trust or paid office, can not be named a voter.

3. The electors will meet in the respective planet and vote by ballot for two people, at least one of whom will not live on the same planet as them. They will draw up a list of all the people who will have gathered votes and the number of votes gathered by each one. They will sign this list, certify it and send it to the United Empire Earth Government Headquarters, addressed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate, in the presence of the High Secretary, will open all the certified lists, and the votes will then be counted. The person with the highest number of votes will be designated as a senator, if that number represents the majority of all the named electors. If two or more persons have obtained this majority and an equal number of votes, the Senate of Representatives, by ballot, will immediately choose one of them as a senator. If no one has obtained the necessary majority, the Senate of Representatives will then choose the Senator, according to the same procedure, from among the five persons obtaining the greatest number of votes. But, for the senator's choice, the votes will be counted by planet, the representation of each planet having a voice. The necessary quorum for this purpose will be the presence of one or more representatives of the planets, and the adhesion of the majority of all the planets of the solar system concerned will have to be acquired for the decision to be valid. In any case, after the election of the senator, the person who will have obtained after him the greatest number of votes of the electors will be vice-senator. But if there are two or more people with the same number of votes, the Senate will choose the Vice-Senator from among them by ballot.

4. The High Secretary and the Senate Speaker will be able to set the time when electors will be chosen and the day they will vote, this day being the same throughout the United Empire Earth.

5. No one shall be elected senator if he is not a citizen of birth, or if he is a citizen of the United Empire Earth at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, if he has not thirty years gone by and has not resided on United Empire Earth's territory for ten years.

6. In the event of dismissal, death or resignation of the Imperator, or his incapacity to exercise the powers and perform the duties of his office, they shall be vested in the President of the Senate.

7. The Imperator shall receive for his services, at fixed deadlines, an indemnity which shall not be increased or diminished during the period for which he has been elected, and he shall receive during this period no other emolument of the United Empire Earth, neither of the planets.

8. Before assuming office, the High Empress shall take an oath or deliver the following declaration:

"I solemnly swear (or declare) that I will faithfully fulfill the imperatorial duties of the United Empire Earth and, to the best of my ability, safeguard, protect and defend the United Empire Earth's Imperial Constitution. . "


Section 2.

1. The imperator will be commander-in-chief of all the armed forces, and of the militia of the various Planets when this one will be called to the active service of United Empire Earth. He may require the opinion, in writing, of the chief official of each of the executive departments on any subject relating to the duties of his office. He will have the power to grant reprieve and pardon for crimes against the United Empire Earth.

2. He shall have the power, on the advice and with the consent of the Tribunt, to conclude treaties, subject to the approval of the majority of the members of the Tribunt. He will propose to the Senate and, on the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint ambassadors, other public governments and consuls, Advocacy judges, and all other officials of the United Empire Earth. appointment is not provided for by this Imperial Constitution, and whose positions will be created by law. But the Empress may, when it deems it expedient, entrust to the Tribunt alone, to the Courts of Justice or to the heads of the Departments of the Unite Planets, the appointment of certain inferior officials.

3. The Imperator shall have the power to provide for any vacancies that may occur between sessions of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of the next session.

Section 3.

The Empress will periodically inform the Senate of the state of the Empire, and will recommend to his attention such measures as he deems necessary and expedient. He may, in extraordinary circumstances, summon the Senate or the Tribunt at the same time, and in case of disagreement between them as to the date of their adjournment, he may postpone them at such time as he thinks fit. He will receive the ambassadors and other public governments. He will ensure that the laws are faithfully executed, and will commission all the officials of the United Empire Earth.



Section 4.
The High Secretary of the Empire and all civil servants of United Empire Earth (except the Imperator) will be removed from office on indictment and conviction for treason, corruption or other crimes and major offenses.

Article III

Section 1.

The judicial power of the United Empire Earth will be entrusted to the Advocacy and such lower courts which the Senate may periodically order the institution. The judges of the Advocacy and the lower courts shall retain their office for as long as they are worthy of it, and shall receive, at fixed deadlines, an indemnity which shall not be diminished as long as they remain in office.


Section 2.

1. The judicial power shall extend to all cases of law and equity under the present Imperial Constitution, the laws of the United Empire Earth, treaties already concluded, or which may come into being under their authority, in all cases concerning ambassadors, other governors and consuls, in all Admiralty and space jurisdiction cases, disputes to which the United Empire Earth is party, disputes between two or more planets, between citizens of different planets, between citizens of the same planet claiming land under concessions from other planets, between a planet or its citizens and planets, citizens or foreign subjects.

2. In all cases concerning ambassadors, other governors and consuls, and those to whom a planet will be a party, the Advocacy shall have first instance jurisdiction. In all the other cases mentioned above, it shall have jurisdiction of appeal, and for the law and for the fact, except such exceptions and in accordance with such regulations as the Senate of Representatives shall have established.

3. All crimes, except in cases of impeachment, will be judged by a jury. The trial will take place on the planet where these crimes will have been committed, and, when they have not been in any particular, in such place or place as the Senate has fixed by law.


Section 3.

1. The crime of treason against the United Empire Earth will consist only of the act of making war against them, or of siding with their enemies by giving them help and help. No one shall be convicted of treason except on the testimony of two witnesses of the same manifest act, or on his own confession in open court.

2. The Senate will have the power to fix the penalty for treason, but no condemnation on this account will be extended to posterity [Corruption of Blood], nor will it result in confiscation of property except during the life of the convicted person.


Article IV

Full faith and credit will be accorded, on every planet, to the public acts, minutes and judicial records of all the other planets. And the Advocacy may, by general laws, prescribe the manner in which the validity of these acts, minutes and minutes will be established, as well as their effects.


Section 2.

1. The citizens of every planet will be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of the citizens in the various planets.

2. Anyone who, accused, planetary governance, treason, felony or other crime, will have evaded justice by flight and will be found on another planet or solar systems, will, at the request of the executive authority of the planet, solar systems from which it will have fled, to be delivered to be brought back to that planet or solar system having jurisdiction over the crime.


Section 3.

1. New planets may be admitted by the Senate into the United Empire Earth, but no new planets will be formed or erected on the territory subject to the jurisdiction of another planet, nor any planet formed by the joining of two or of several planets, or a planetary parts, without the consent of the legislatures of the planets concerned, as well as by the Imperator.

2. The Congress shall have the power to dispose of the territory or any other property belonging to the United Empire Earth and to make any necessary laws and regulations in their regard, and nothing in this Imperial Constitution shall be construed so as to harm the claims of the United Empire Earth or a particular planet.


Section 4.

the United Empire Earth will guarantee to each planet of the Union a democratic form, republic and government, will protect each of them against the invasion and, at the request of the legislature or the executive (when the legislature can not to be reunited), against all internal violence.



Article V

The Senate, when two-thirds deem it necessary, will propose amendments to the present Imperial Constitution or, at the request of the Tribunt, will convene a convention to propose, in both cases, these amendments will be valid. in all respects as an integral part of the present Imperial Constitution, when they have been ratified by the members of the Tribunt, or by conventions in the majority of the Senate, according to which one or the other mode of ratification shall have been proposed by the Imperator, provided that no amendment that would be adopted before the year 1880 can in any way affect the first and fourth clause of the ninth section of Article 1, and that no planet without his consent, he is deprived of equal suffrage in the Senate.


Article VI

1. Any debts contracted and any commitment made before the adoption of this Imperial Constitution shall be valid against the United Empire Earth under this Imperial Constitution as they were in the context of the Foundation of the Empire.

2. The present Imperial Constitution, as well as the laws of the United Empire Earth which will result from it, and all treaties already concluded, or which will be, under the authority of the United Empire Earth, will be the supreme law of the United Empire, and the judges in each planet will be bound by the above, notwithstanding any contrary provision of the Imperial Constitution or the laws of any of the planets.

3. The above-mentioned Senators and representatives, members of the various planetary legislatures and all executive and judicial officials, both of the United Empire Earth and of the various planets, shall be sworn or affirmed to defend the present Imperial Constitution, but no profession of religious faith will be required as a condition of fitness for public office or office under the authority of the United Empire Earth.

​Article VII


The ratification of the planetary conventions will be sufficient for the establishment of the present imperial constitution between the planets which have thus ratified it.

Done in agreement of the unanimous consent of the represented planets, the seventeenth day of September in the year 2610 of Our Lord and the independence of the United Empire Earth.

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