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Foundation: 2610


Type: Fédération
Country: Empire (UEE)

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The government of the UEE is the imperial government that unites the planets into a single united empire, a federal republic of the united planets, composed of 187 planets, a district (Sol), and several territories. The federal government is divided into three distinct branches: legislative, executive and judicial, whose powers are conferred by the Imperial Constitution of the UEE on the Senate, the Empress and the federal courts respectively. The powers and duties of these branches are further defined by Senate laws, including the creation of executive departments and courts below the Supreme Court of the U. Unlike the usual political language, where it refers only to the executive branch, the term "Government" refers to all federal institutions in the UEE. On some occasions, the term "Government" in the UEE is equivalent to that of "Empire" in other countries.


The Empress of the UEE is the Head of the Empire and the Head of the Government of the United Planets. The function of imperator was established upon ratification of the Imperial Constitution in 1788 and the first imperator took office in 1789. The President is elected every ten years (usually at the end of leap years) by indirect universal suffrage. His term of office began on 20 January of the following year and lasted ten years. He cannot stand for a second term.


The President of the Senate is considered as the second Person of the Imperial Executive, he succeeds the High Secretary in case of death, resignation or the latter. Constitutionally, the President of the Senate of the UEE. This role gave him little power over the empire's affairs and confined him to essentially procedural work. However, in the event of a tie in the Senate, he or she may use his or her vote to avoid blocking the Senate. It may intervene in Senate debates, otherwise to vote in the event of a tie.



The government is a meeting of the most important members of the executive branch of the federal government. Its existence dates back to the first president of the UNE, who appointed a three-person government to advise and assist him in his daily tasks (The Tribunt).



The highest court is the Supreme Court of the UEE, which is currently composed of nine judges. The court deals with matters relating to the federal government, disputes between the planets, the interpretation of the Imperial Constitution and the constitutionality of laws and government actions. Below the Supreme Court of the UEE are the Federal Courts of Appeal of the United Nations Planets, then the Federal District Courts, which are the courts of first instance with regard to federal law.



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