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The UEE owns in 2949, the GDP is of 27 billion of UEC. Its richest solar system, Terra, would be the largest economic power of the UEE (GDP) if it were independent. The Spatially Industrialized Planet, now largely turned towards the tertiary sector and heavily relying on innovation, the UEE are also rich in natural resources and a major exporter of cultural goods.

Their GDP per capita is among the highest in the known galaxy and there are more than four billion workers. UEE universities attract other interstellar species (the majority Xi'an) the brightest students, and place the UEE at the forefront of technical progress, especially for the "technologies of the future" (biotechnologies, information and communication, etc.) of which the Terra solar system is the spearhead. The Terra solar system alone accounts for one quarter of all patents filed at the UEE.

The UEE Stock Exchange drained capital from the entire solar systems in the 2580s towards the financing of the UEE economy, even though listed companies have been reducing their equity since the 2865s. The infrastructure developed, the level of Low taxation, the dynamism of innovation, the spirit of free enterprise resulting from economic liberalism, and economic liberalization make the economy of the UEE one of the most competitive in the galaxy. In 2910, the UEE remains a major destination for direct and indirect investments (FDI) with 2,587 billion UEC. the UEC, the reference currency at the scale of the UEE.

Economic indicators

Currency United Earth Credits (UEC), creation 2528.
Fiscal year 1st September - 30th November
Inter-species organizations: No


Gross domestic product (par value) 27 billion UEC (4th quarter 2049)
Gross Domestic Product PPP 35 billion UEC (2017)
GDP growth 1.2% (2949)
GDP per capita in PPP 450,685 UEC (2949)
GDP by sectoragriculture: 2%
industry: 58%
services: 40% (2949)

Inflation (CPI) 5.8% (2017)

Pop. below the poverty line 35% (2949)

Human Development Index (HDI) 0.895

Active population: 4 billion (2949)

Labor force: by sector agriculture: 3%
Industry: 45%
Services: 52% (2949)
Unemployment rate: 4.7% (2949) (Sol Calculation System)
9.8% (2949) (Terra Universal Calculation System)

Main Industries: High Tech, Quantum, Space Industry, Civil Aeronautics, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Electronics, Agribusiness, Consumer Goods.


Interplanetary exports: 15,976 billion (2949)
Exported goods: Agribusiness, Industrial products, Biochemicals ... Intermediate goods, Capital goods (ships, computer equipment, ...), Consumer goods (civil automobiles, medicines, ...)
Principal Clients: Xi'an 85%, Banu 15%
Imports 17,548 billion UEC (2949)
Main suppliers: Xi'an 93%, Banu 7% (2949)

Public finances

Public debt: 98% (2949)
External debt: 117 billion UEC (2949)
Public revenue: 41 billion UEC (2949)

Government expenditure: 52 billion UEC (2949)
Planetary development aid: 375 billion UEC (2949)

The foundations of economic power

The UEE are and a Government Agencie in which the freedom of entrepreneurship is a fundamental right. Individual success is part of the dream of the Empire. Free trade is encouraged by the signing of bilateral or multilateral agreements with other planets. Customs duties are among the lowest in the galaxy (5.8% on average in 2949).

Nevertheless, the Federal Empire and the public authorities intervene in the economy to guarantee the free competition, to support the sectors in difficulty, to develop the exports. Thus, the Small Business Planetary Act (2765) protects the SMEs of the UEE and also correct the inequalities generated by the market economy. The weight of the UEE in the galaxy, favors the companies of the Empire. The working methods of the UEE have spread in the solar systems of the UEE.


The consumer society and the Empire of Life are notably conveyed by the cinema. the New English remains the working language on the UEC's planet, while the ECU retains its place in inter-social exchanges and as a store of value. Energy purchases have been made in dollars since 2535. Spatial industrial enterprises are developing thanks to major investments in research and advanced technologies. The multinationals of the UEE are major players in interplanetary globalization. However, SMEs also contribute to the prosperity of the UEE: there are more than 758 million of them, which account for about one third of the jobs of the UEE. The economic power of the UEE also rests on a vast and rich territory, a dense transport network, a modern communication network, a large population (7 billion, well-known and successful universities, massive investments in research and development, The sanctions policy decided by the UEE with regard to certain planets is also a lever of power.In the years 2673, the companies deprived had to pay to the UEE more than 350 billion UEC of fines. for maintaining transactions with criminals or various organizations registered on the black list of the UEE (Black Lists)

According to the World Star Empire - World Star Universe, the sanctions are considerably harsher for inter-species businesses than for UEE companies, and in some cases are targeted, particularly because of the powerful lobbying efforts of companies the UEE, to eliminate interspecies competition. In addition, this policy eventually allows the UEE to reserve certain markets. The inequalities observed in the UEE are reflected in the differences in life expectancy among the citizens of the stars. According to a study of the HAAF Institust - World Star Universe and Health Assessment (IHME) with a representative number of planets, there is more than 20 years of difference in life expectancy between first (137 years old, located on the planet Prime - Terra) and the last one (Earth 117 years old, located on in the Sol solar system). Twenty of these planets have a life expectancy lower than that of Earth - Sol.




The establishment of a union in a company takes place in two stages. It must first obtain the signature of 30% of the employees of the site concerned, then, if it obtains them, a referendum is organized at the end of which it must obtain more than 50% of approval. However, the campaign preceding the vote is often characterized by threats, blackmail, intimidation or lies, sometimes forcing unions to back down. Employers' associations buy advertising campaigns broadcast in the local media in order to warn employees about the risks represented by unionism (closures of companies, dismissals, etc.).

Political leaders also participate in the campaigns, the senator of Idris (Universalist party) threat in 2986 Aegis Dynamics company (AEGS) to withdraw his subsidies if the company allowed a larger union to be incorporated into its factory. Locke (Idris IV).


Women's work

According to a study by the Census Bureau of 2949, female employees earn on average 18% less than their male colleagues. The gap widens when they are black (42% less) or interspecies (64%). the UEE does not plan to guarantee paid maternity leave.


Paid holidays, holidays and pensions

There is no law requiring companies and co-corporations to grant paid leave to their employees. In 2985, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the World Star Universe, a second of the employees of the UEE, or 358 million people, do not enjoy paid leave: 17% of full-time employees and 78% of those who work part-time do not have a vacation or are not paid if they take it.

By choosing the liberalization of pension plans, the local planets of the UEE have turned to risky investments in disproportionate proportions. As a result, pension funds in 2687 account for nearly one trillion UECs of missing funding. Many solar systems like Baker no longer pay full pensions due to their former officials and this situation should continue to deteriorate.


The cost of white-collar crime is estimated at 17 billion UEC per year according to data from the Department of Justice. This crime is 20 to 30 times more expensive than ordinary property crime (burglary, robbery, car theft, etc.) 87.

Energy, environmental and data policy

Overall, the energy and environmental policy of the UEE is characterized by the minimum of written commitments in the interplanetary agreements, and the maximum of research and development efforts (often public), calling on the initiative of the citizens. Already, in the years 2670, the government puts in place programs intended to reduce the dependence of the UEE and the otonomy of the solar systems with the minimum. This is particularly the case with the Project Independence Energy Act, which aimed to ensure the energy independence of each solar system of the UEE by 3020. On the other hand, the administration of the UEE has set up since the end of the 2948s, a policy of support for companies (Advocacy Center) which systematically influences the planetary bodies in the field of energy and the environment, in relation with the environmental UEE.

The opinion of a number of star citizens is that it is possible to substitute natural capital with knowledge capital. One of the gurus of this form of economic growth is Rizer Faral. The bodies of the UEE thus control, through the Galactic Web, numerous databases in this field (environment, UEEGS, ...). The Tol government has decided to withdraw from the negotiations of the Protocol Data Monitoring Act while proposing a few months later, another less restrictive plan than that of Data Followers Act: this is the "Clear sky and change for the future of intelligent data", which develops a gradual approach, medium or long term, facing the effect of the data toujur more important.

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