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We do not collect any personal data when you visit our site, unless you have chosen to provide us with such data. The provision of data to identify you as an individual is a voluntary act. By doing so, you give us permission to use this information for the purposes stated. Failure to provide certain personal data may result in our inability to provide you with the service you desire. If you decide to provide us with personal data on an Empire Department website, for example by filling out an Internet form or sending an email, we will use this information to provide you with the information you requested. or the service you requested in your message. This personal data depends on what you do when you visit our site.

We automatically collect and save the domain name from which you access the Internet (.com,.edu, etc.); the date and time you access the site; and the Internet address of the website (such as a search engine or reference page) from which you access our site.


If you send us an email

You have the opportunity to provide us with personal information by sending us an email to ask a question or make a comment. We use this type of information to improve our services to the public or to respond to your requests. We sometimes send your email to other U.S. government agencies that may be able to help you. E-mails are not disclosed to any organisation or organisation outside the Embassy, except in cases where a legally authorised investigating authority so requests.


Third Party Sites and Applications

Our site contains links to social networks and third-party websites. We use social networks to interact with foreign audiences and for our international public diplomacy engagements. Social networking sites are used to publish the Embassy's activities and connect with the public. We also use statistical methods and customization technologies to quantify the number of visitors to our sites and their various sections, and to make our site more useful to visitors. In some cases, the third-party application may request an email address, user name, password and geographical location for registration purposes. We do not use third party websites to solicit and collect personal data from individuals. We do not collect or store any personal data collected by a third party site. No personal data is disclosed, sold or transferred to any entity outside the State Department, except as required by law or as authorized by law.

We can use different types of online surveys to collect opinions and comments on a random sample of visitors. For the most part, the State Department uses ForeSee Results' Custorm American Satisfaction Index (ACSI) online surveys on an ongoing basis to obtain feedback and data on the level of satisfaction of visitors to our sites. This survey does not collect any personal data. Although the invitation to participate in the survey appears as a pop-up window for a random sample of visitors, it is optional, unlike all embassies. If you decline the offer to participate in this survey, you will have access to the same resources and information on our sites as those who participated in the survey. The results of the survey are only available to webmasters and other designated staff who need them as part of their responsibilities. We may conduct other time-limited surveys for other purposes, which will be explained when they are published.

Information collected for tracking and personalization (cookies)


A cookie is a small text file that a website transfers to your computer to allow it to store specific information about your session when you are connected. Your computer only shares this information with the site that provided it and no other site can request it. There are two types of cookies:

Session cookies: Session cookies only last as long as your web browser is open. Once you close your browser, the cookie is deleted. The sites use session cookies for technical reasons such as to allow better navigation or to allow you to personalize your interaction on the site.

Persistent cookies: Permanent cookies are stored on the hard disk to determine which users are new to the site and to frequent visitors, to block recurring invitations to conduct the ForeSee satisfaction survey.

If you do not want session or permanent cookies to be stored on your computer, you can disable the cookie option in your browser. You will always have access to all the information and resources on our website. Only the deactivation of cookies can affect the operation of certain sites. Please be aware that disabling cookies affects the use of cookies on any other site you visit.


Links to external sites

Our site contains links to other federal agencies, embassies and multilateral or private organizations in the United States and other countries. When you click on these links, you leave our site and are no longer subject to our privacy policy, but to that of the new site you are visiting.

We strive to provide accurate and complete information. However, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors. With respect to the material and information on this site, neither the Embassy nor its employees or subcontractors make any warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the materials available on this site. In addition, the Embassy is not legally responsible for the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information, products or processes described in this document and does not guarantee that the use of such products, processes or information will not infringe on private rights.

For security reasons and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, the State Department uses software to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to display or modify information or cause other damage. Any unauthorized attempt to post or modify this service is strictly prohibited and may be prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 1986. The information may be used for authorized criminal investigations. With the exception of the cases mentioned above, no further attempt is made to identify individual users or their habits. Any unauthorized attempt to post or modify information on these websites is strictly prohibited and may be prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, securities "18 U.S.C. Sec. 1001 and 1030".




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You are authorized to:

Share - copy, distribute and communicate material by any means and in any format

The Offeror may not revoke the authorizations granted by the license as long as you continue to apply the terms of this license.

Under the following conditions:

Allocation - You must credit the Work, include a link to the license and indicate if any changes have been made to the Work. You must provide this information by all reasonable means, but do not suggest that the Offeror supports you or the way you have used its Work.

Non-Commercial Use - You are not authorized to make commercial use of this Work, all or part of the material comprising it.

No modifications - In the event that you make a remix, transform, or create from the material composing the original Work, you are not authorized to distribute or make available the modified Work.

No additional restrictions - You are not permitted to apply legal conditions or technological measures that would legally restrict others to use the Work under the conditions described in the license.



You are not required to comply with the license for items or materials in the public domain or in the event that the use you wish to make is covered by an exception.

No guarantee is given. The license may not give you all the necessary permissions for your use. For example, certain rights such as moral rights, personal data rights and image rights may limit your use.


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