The Banu are not only the first conscious and technologically advanced alien species that humanity has encountered, but they are peaceful and respectful neighbors who have fostered a close relationship with the UEE and its citizens through trade and cultural exchange.


Planetary Federation (Banu Protectorate)

Polytheism of deities

1st contact

Bacchus System (Assumed)



The Banu were discovered by an explorer named Vernon Tar in 2438, who almost triggered a war firing on a Banu pilot. This Banu was in fact fleeing the local authorities following a misappropriation of funds.

Two weeks later, an alien delegation appeared in the Davien system and established contact with Socolovich. In the months that followed, the two races worked together to break the language barrier. When finally it was possible to communicate, in October 2438, Socolovich and the other delegates of the human race signed the first Covenant of Commerce and Peace with the Banu.

As a result of this agreement, humanity has started to exchange our technologies and to help each other. After the Banu expansion, they formed the Banu Protectorate to oversee all of their systems.
World of origin

Supposed to be Baachus by the UEE because it is the world where the Banu gather for their Assemblies. The Banu carefully avoid evoking their world of origin in the presence of strangers.



Controlled Worlds

The Banu-controlled systems are not hostile to the presence of humans, but they still jealously guard their secrets. Although the Banu are very scattered, it is a very close race, and when it is assembled, is said to be capable of standing up to each of the other intelligent species at the same time. Humans remain welcome in their systems as long as they respect their rules and laws.


Personality Traits and Social Landscape

More particularly known for their entrepreneurial nature, the Banu are proud of their craftsmanship as well as their business acumen. Unlike the family or corporatist units found in humans, the Banu have a societal structure that combines the two in a single unit: the Souli. Often translated as "guild", the Souli is the foundation of life in the Protectorate, this is where the Banu live and work together. Each Souli is specialized in a specific area that can vary greatly, from souli manufacturing vessels to Souli trade, there are even Souli to raise young Banu. This division of labor is directly linked to the high know-how of the Banu worlds, the markets and their trading vessels, which makes them particularly interesting places to discover.


Banu Jewelry

Trade is at the heart of Banu systems. Even though each planet boasts the merits of its own culture and tradition, all are bound by the desire for money and commerce. The Banu worlds are full of energy and are dangerous places where criminals and aristocrats cross each other in different markets. Everything can be found at Banu if you have the credits.

Of course, Banu do not spend all their time working and trading. With the conviction that one must live in the moment and focus on the present, they consider their moments of relaxation almost as seriously as their work. There are many possibilities for relaxation and there is almost something for everyone: lively playrooms where exuberant goods are exchanged in games of chance. The Banu are fervent followers of Sataball's human game and there are many stages throughout the Protectorate - you just have to know that it's common for a Banu to cheer both teams in the same game.


Republic of planets-states each of which has its own political system. The leaders (or selected representatives) of each planet meet in assembly to discuss and debate legal and business affairs that affect the entire species. Otherwise, everyone is left on his own to succeed or fail.

Their planet-state system is a heavy burden on their autonomy, but the Banu still have a system for voting interspecies laws. It is a long process, the debates of which last several weeks, sometimes even months.


    Humans: Allied
    Xi'an: Friendly
    Vanduul: Precarious relationship. Relationships vary from planet to planet but in general, the attraction of money and trade is stronger than loyalty and grudges.


Military Forces

The Banu can put together a formidable strike force if necessary but they do not have a regular army. Instead, the Banu militia maintains peace (relative) day-to-day within Banu systems. The militia operates by rotation and recruits volunteers (or even criminals) from the various inhabited planets of the system to keep an eye on what is happening in space. To say that their conception of the application of the law is chaotic is a euphemism.


    Merchantman (merchandise carrier)
    Defender (Light Twin Hunter)


Crime is very high in the Banu Protectorate. The lack of communication between the different planet-states means that criminals can simply move from one world to another to no longer be worried. Since neither the EAEU nor the Advocacy is allowed to prosecute criminals across the border, the Banu Protectorate is a safe haven for UEE criminals. And through official channels, very few Banu planets bother to extradite the fugitives. This situation forced the Advocacy to send undercover agents to track down, capture and then quietly bring the fugitives back into the EAEU area.

Many Banu planets are privileged places for the black market and goods stolen by pirates on the territory of the UEE can be sold at low prices.


The Banu are polytheists. Unsurprisingly, the two deities with the most influence and loyalty are Cassa, the boss of luck, and Taernin, the great traveler.

The spiritual center of Banu society is located in the Trise system. While the assemblies convened on the Bacchus system legislate on the legal and political issues of the protectorate, the "Trise Council" is responsible for the moral and social dogmas that define and direct the entire Banu.




Their task requires the utmost objectivity about their fellows, the members of this "Council" are kept, as far as possible, away from the rest of their people. There is no great pilgrimage, so we do not expect Banu mystical worshipers to flock to the Trise system. The isolation of the Council is the law. The monks produce works of art made from refined copper that have some value in the ancient art markets and their healers concoct a variety of drugs whose positive effect on human diseases has been observed in particular.

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