Artificial - Intelligence - Control - Act

Preamble: Men are unique and indivisible by nature, life has conceived man with a naturally organic biology, giving him an intelligence and consciousness in his natural evolution. No one will be able to threaten his excitement and to his life in all these forms, which he will have accepted with conscience. Man and free to travel or they wish with the means and it is intellectual knowledge to his possession, this right and acquirement of nature.

Article I: Artificial

1 - The development of AI technologies in all these possible forms, are not allowed to develop if it threatens the extinction of all forms of organic life to opt for intelligent and natural consciousness. Article II - 1

2 - Robotisation and at the service of man and not man at his service. In accordance with the creation of life, robots and AI must not be able to reproduce this through a cycle out of the cycle organically and biologically, only humans and organic and biological races have this gift of life.

3 - The constitutional rights are acquired by men and species to opt for a natural cycle to life and a free will proper to their conscience and not to creations of the one if.

4 - The bodily modifications due to an AI on man are forbidden, the personality of man and his body and pure, it cannot be modified for racial devolution purposes. 

5 - The semantic consciousness cannot be introduced in an organic form. The possession of a consciousness cannot be transferred to any new ecosystem whatsoever.

Article II: Intelligence

1 - Only breeds of biological origin can acquire a natural cycle intelligence. The increased man becomes impure when evolution reaches a rate higher than his biological nature.

2 - The evolution of man will not be threatened by a technological evolution that goes against his general will.

3 - Article I - 4, applies to AI and not to robotization which and according to Article I - 2. Algorithmic AI and a form of aid to the evolution of the welfare of society, if it does not threaten Article I - 1.

4 - the AI cannot threaten all forms of organic life whatever its concept and these reasons. An A.I. which threatens the life of the man will have to be neutralized by all the means which the man has.

5 - Only the man and responsible for its natural evolution and of that safety as a species with whole share of the universe. It must be in a hurry to control its social environment and its ecosystem.


Article III: Control

1 - The development of any form of AI cannot be done without the explicit authorization of the legitimate governor and prior to the Trade and Commerce Commission.

2 - Research in AI and cap, according to the subsidy regulation agreements validated every five years by the government agency, followed by a vote in the senate by absolute majority.

3 - Development can not do this without the control of experts who are committed by the commission to the law of technological development which is the only legitimate, it validates each visit to ensure that compliance with standards to the development of AI is consistent with the law and protective of human rights.

4 - The High-Advocate and the Imperator may request the halt of any development of a technology without prior, if it threatens the interests and internal or civil security, according to the laws governed by the Senate, which is the only one who can amend and ratify the AICA law. 

5 - The Government Agency can appropriate the right to intellectual property on a technology developed by an entity combining activities in the empire and subsidized by the Government Agency, the senate can suspend any subsidy from the Government Agency, if it obtains a two-thirds vote of the senate. Application of the suspension of the senate takes note seven days after the vote, it can be annulled by the Supreme Court of Advocacy with a consideration of an abuse dominant on the entity meeting the constitutional criteria.

Article IV: Act

1 - Man can adapt, if his natural biological evolution is hindered or threatened by any form of extraterrestrial species that goes against his natural evolution. It can therefore have recourse to acts that go against its natural biology to allow it to be preserved as a human being.

2 - All violations of Article I - II - III will have to be the object of a legal condemnation which little will involve a loss of citizenship and fundamental rights of the person.

3 - Any entity possessing an active in the solar systems of the sovereignty of the UEE that are in violation of AICA, will be prosecuted by justice and reprimanded by the Black Lists Act II - up to Article - AICA IV - 5.

4 - All entities would have research skills and have an innovation in the process of technological development, will have an obligation to make a quarterly report detailing the evolution of its research in AI via the Government Agency, non-compliance will result in the loss of research development. The end of a development or research is stopped by the decision of the Governmental Agency which has the power to transfer the technological development to other economic sectors whoever it is, the High Advocate will be able to stop the transfer procedure in relation to the Governmental Agency. The Imperator will take back the control on the procedure and only him will have the primary legal decision.                  

5 - The Government has a legitimate duty to protect these citizens, against any threats coming from an entity that would violate AICA by the means it considers most appropriate to the threat.

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