Advocacy was created in 2523, when the United Nations of Earth (UNE) became the United Planet Earth (UPE). The need for an inter-system judicial entity was felt, and the organization took shape with the will of an independent, highly versatile police force, consisting of carefully selected and carefully selected agents, under the responsibility of a high magistrate. Basically, the Advocacy is an extra-global police with strong executive powers in its field.


The Messer Period


It was the takeover of Ivar Messer and the advent of his fascist dynasty in 2546 that marked a significant shift in his role and his missions. The Advocacy became a violent and all-powerful secret police, charged with tracking down and eliminating the opponents of power and the contentious elements of the population. The extent of her actions is still unknown, but she is suspected of torture and assassination of high-level personality.

She survived the dismissal of the last Messer, and resurfaced in a disgracefully normal way, when she was reformed by Erin Toi, the new imperator.

The Role of Advocacy

If each system is responsible for upholding the law of the empire, what about criminals traveling across different worlds and territories ? The Advocacy is the answer to this question. It acts as an inter-system police, tracking criminals wherever they go, sometimes even in the Banu and Xi'an systems. With extensive powers and often considerable freedom of action, she is in a position to hunt down the most dangerous criminals and pirates.



In the field, the Advocacy agents are generally feared by criminals: they have excellent training in the techniques of investigation and capture, which gives them both a good command of the piloting and effective means of investigation. Most of these agents operate alone, but teams can be assembled to pursue dangerous targets or when the level of violence of the situation requires it. Moreover, the real danger with them is not necessarily related to their preparation: a criminal can succeed in murdering one if he has the advantage but he would then be literally hunted down by all the others until he be brought to justice or shot.

The Advocacy is subject to procedures, although they were probably set aside during the Messer era. As the High-Advocate's delegate of judicial power, it has its own courts that guarantee a judgment to apprehended suspects. However, field officers are fully entitled to use lethal means at once to defend their lives or those of innocent people who are at risk. In addition, the practice of assassination has long been unofficially recognized in the EAEU, but although this has never been confirmed, rumors indicate that they would target only the most dangerous criminals.

The main objective of Advocacy is to ensure that UEE laws are enforced anywhere within its borders. Since most planets are supposed to have their own local police forces, the Advocacy deals with crime beyond the simple star and fugitives, including for missions outside their natural jurisdiction. includes prosecution in banu and xian territories. With regard to the particular case of fugitives, it is common knowledge that it subcontracts such missions to the Bounty Hunter Guild. In addition, its agents regularly ensure that local governments do not avoid their obligations in this area.

Recruitment and Hierarchy

The Advocacy recruits from the police force and the military. It's a grueling process because to be a good Advocacy agent, you have to be a tracker, a combat pilot and an investigator. Thus, there would be training centers, and it is possible that they also train young agents without initial training.

The hierarchical structure of the Advocacy is vague and imprecise, but we can nevertheless establish an approximate flowchart, in order of decreasing importance:

High Magistrate


Government post in the UEE, the High Magistrate is responsible for the supervision and enforcement of the law. The main mission of a High Magistrate is to enforce laws, but also to coordinate efforts to ensure that local governments implement the latest laws in force throughout the territory of the UEE.

Director (highest position in Advocacy)
Deputy director
Deputy Assistant Warden
Head of Sector (CS) (oversees Advocacy activities in a system)
Deputy Chief of Sector (CAS)
Agent-Inspector (AI)
Deputy Inspector Officer (AIA)
Supervisory Special Agent
Special Agent

With the easier opening of outsourcing of arrests to bounty hunters, officers have the opportunity to focus on larger operations, including the recent Scimitar operation. This significantly increases the activity of agents along the Xi'An border, whose mission is the concentrated tracking of "people of interest" along it. The goals of this operation are officially the increase of the active collaboration with the Xi'An in the police domain, but they surely hide something more important ...

Advocacy in Official Narratives

The adventures of Kid Crimson: Kid Crimson, notorious smuggler, finds himself bogged down in a situation with stakes that exceeds him. He will have to partner and collaborate with Advocacy agent Raina Quell to solve this riddle and hope to come out alive.

A separate law: Gates, a former Advocacy agent, must return to service. Contacted by the SA of the agency, he must investigate the death of several agents, while they seemed to approach a new criminal organization to the extent totally unknown ...

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