www.unitedempireearth.sc and a creation of a fan of the universe Star Citizen, you will discover on this site a representation of the imagination of a paradoxical universe, very close to that of the universe currently known to Star Citizen.


This paradox has for vocation to make you travel in a paradoxical universe to that of Star Citizen, but also to give you ideas of what could be of the Society, the Economy and the Politics in a distant future. It is this exceptional discovery that we wish to make you live, throughout the current development of Star Citizen.

In this adventure you will discover speeches, political interventions, debates in the Senate and much more, it is this spirit always close to the real of our historical knowledge that we wish to bring you to the Star Citizen community, this passion for vocation of you bring a little known and little discussed entertainment in video games that is the Serious Game.


With the website www.unitedempireearth.sc, we want to contribute to an ever more immersive adventure than ever before of the universe Star Citizen fans, these with this overflowing passion that our long-term focus and the integration of history official Star Citizen on our web platform before the release of Squadron 42.

This integration will also be the announcement of the official end of the Role Play on our Twitter account - @IOTUEE. It is in this vein that the creation and the environment of our work started.



(The website www.unitedempireearth.sc and our Twitter account - @IOTUEE are imaginative and do not reflect the official Star Citizen story)


"We do not write stories, but paradoxes."


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